Genuine Chocolate Certification

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Certified Chocolate

Chocolate Ibarra® tablets have the NYCE certification, this seal guarantees that you are acquiring genuine chocolate.

Because "Chocolate Flavor" and "Genuine Chocolate" are not the same

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Who certifies chocolate?

NOM-186-SSA1/SCFI-2013 regulates the certification of genuine chocolates and was generated in collaboration with different organizations and institutions, such as the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Health, and the National Association of Manufacturers of Chocolates and Similar, A.C.
The objective of this standard is to establish the sanitary and commercial specifications that cocoa, chocolates, similar products, and cocoa derivatives must meet.


What is NYCE?

It is an organization that evaluates conformity in terms of Official Mexican Standards (NOM) and Mexican Standards (NMX) for various industries for more than 25 years.
Its objective is to provide security and confidence to the industry and, above all, to consumers at a national and international level.

Genuine Chocolate Certification

When a product bears the NOM-NICE certification seal, you can be sure that they are products that have all the characteristics and ingredients established in the Official Mexican Standard, in order to offer consumers 100% genuine products.

Characteristics of a Genuine Chocolate


For a chocolate to be considered genuine, it must have these characteristics:

  • For the category of chocolate powder. It must contain a minimum of 18% total cocoa solids. This refers to the content of cocoa or cocoa paste.
  • For the table chocolate category. For this category, the minimum percentage of cocoa paste that it must contain to be considered genuine chocolate is 20%.
  • For semisweet table chocolate. In this category, the rule is stricter, since to hold the denomination of genuine chocolate, the product must contain at least 30% cocoa paste.
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Chocolate Ibarra and Ibarra Premium have this certification. This gives you the confidence that you are actually buying genuine chocolate and not just a “chocolate-flavored” product.

Holding this seal fills us with pride, since we assure you that our products comply with the characteristics and ingredients established in the Official Mexican Standard NOM-186-SSA1/SCFI-2013 for chocolate.

Benefits of Genuine Chocolate

Acquiring genuine chocolate has many advantages, both in taste and for your health, compared to a product that only has a “chocolate flavor”.
  • It has more antioxidant properties.
  • Contains neurotransmitters that contribute to good neurological function.
  • They produce a stimulating effect thanks to the fact that they induce an increase in the level of serotonin and dopamine “the hormone of pleasure”.
  • According to a study from Harvard Medical School, the polyphenol present in cocoa can reduce the risk of suffering from four of the most common diseases in the West to less than 10%:
      1. Strokes.
      2. Heart attacks.
      3. Cancer.
      4. Diabetes.
Benefits of Chocolate

As you can see, Genuine Chocolate is more than just chocolate flavor. Next time you go to the supermarket, look for Chocolate Ibarra and give yourself and your family all the benefits of true cocoa.

Be careful with “chocolate flavored” products. Consuming these products can pose a threat to your health since they can cause obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

Remember: your health and that of your family always come first. Check the legends and certifications and nourish your body with genuine and delicious foods such as Chocolate Ibarra.

Now tell us, how many chocolates do you know that have the Genuine Chocolate certification?

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Food Safety System Certification

Ibarra Chocolate holds the Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 version 5

Badges GlobalSTD
ANAB certification

SGIA POLITIC (Sistema de Gestión de Inocuidad Alimentaria) (Food Safety Management System)

It is a requirement for all Grupo Chocolate Ibarra staff to manufacture safe, healthy, and quality products, in order to provide satisfaction to our consumers.

Maintaining adequate internal and external communication allows us to respond to the demands of the customer and consumer management system.

Seeking operational excellence through continuous improvement of our system, promoting the updating of the personnel’s food safety skills, and complying with current regulations applicable to our operations.

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