Sugar, cacao paste, soy lecithin, and cinnamon.

This delicious chocolate is can be consumed as it is, or you can dissolve it in water or milk.

All the ingredients come from natural sources; sugar cane, cacao paste, soy lecithin and cinnamon, just like the original recipe. It contains no vegetable oils and Trans Fats.

Finely powdered, Small Medium, Large and Extra Large for your Holiday gatherings.

The main difference is the sizes they come in. The finely granulated chocolate is easier to dissolve when compared to a tablet. The granulated chocolate is also easy to place in a blender and create a delicious frothy consistency ready to drink. It is important to mention that the granulated chocolate contains the same exact ingredients as the tablet.

Excessive sugar consumption has unhealthy benefits, but let’s remember one thing: sugars can also be a source of energy. Ibarra Chocolate is a mixture of sugar, cacao, and cinnamon that, besides giving you the stamina you need, also provides natural antioxidants because one of the main ingredients is cacao.

If you would like to consume Ibarra Chocolate in lesser caloric content, it is best to enjoy dissolved in water or just taking bites.

Yes! The only difference is in flavor. To dissolve quickly, warm water or milk. If you prefer cold chocolate, it is necessary to dissolve it in a blender. Due to the natural oil in the cacao, it can be difficult to dissolve it by hand in cold water or milk. Thanks to the instantaneous process, there will be no problem in dissolving Ibarra Chocolate.

Ibarra Table Chocolate, Finely Grounded and Ibarra Premium are made with real, genuine chocolate, thus complying with Mexican regulations, like NOM-186-SSA1/SCFI.

It depends on the product.
A frequent question is why, when you open a tablet of chocolate, you can see a white powdery substance.

The reason for that is the natural process of chocolate. When there’s a variation of the storage temperature, the oil emerges on the surface of the chocolate, and a white layer can be seen on top. This is known as Fat Bloom.

It also happens with humidity. If the chocolate is stored in a humid place, part of the sugar melts, and when the water evaporates, the remaining sugar forms small crystals on the surface of the chocolate. This is known as Sugar Bloom.

With 3 oz. of Ibarra Chocolate you can make 5 cups of hot chocolate.

With one tablet of 2 ounces, you can make a cup of 27 ounces.

The difference is in the amount of cacao paste. Ibarra Chocolate has less, while Ibarra Premium, as it is semi-bitter chocolate, has a higher percentage of cacao. Plus, Ibarra Premium is granulated.

Yes! Our plant does not process wheat.

Yes! Our chocolate does not contain ingredients of animal origin