Ibarra Finely Ground Chocolate

Ibarra Finely Ground Chocolate

Ready to enjoy the authentic Mexican flavor in a few minutes? Chocolate Ibarra Finely Ground will become one of your favorite products. It contains the same delicious and exquisite flavor of a table chocolate bar but in a much more practical and quicker presentation to enjoy.

Our value:

Made with plant-based ingredients

Traditional formula

What's in Ibarra Finely Ground Chocolate?

Cacao paste

Soy lecithin



How to prepare a delicious drink?

1 glass ( 226 ml / 7.6 fl. oz.) of your preferred milk

Two tablespoons (25g/ 1oz) of Ibarra Finely Ground Chocolate

Stir until the chocolate dissolves


Make delicious desserts and drinks with Ibarra Finely Ground Chocolate!