Ibarra Premium

Ibarra Premium Semi-bitter

Ibarra Premium is a high-quality semi-bitter grounded chocolate that fuses an aroma and texture that you will love

Ibarra Premium is Genuine Mexican chocolate without cholesterol and 0% trans fat, much richer and more intense than traditional cocoa.

The difference lies in its manufacturing process and in the authentic Ibarra recipe, where we select by hand the best cocoa beans with the highest quality, obtaining a pure and genuine cocoa paste without losing its essential characteristics or properties.

The mixture of its natural ingredients makes Ibarra Premium genuine Mexican chocolate of great flavor to be enjoyed in drinks, desserts, and haute cuisine.

Also, available in 2 L (32 Oz). Explore product.

Our value:

Made with plant-based ingredients

Traditional formula


Cacao paste

Soy lecithin




A glass of warm milk

A spoon of Ibarra Premium



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