Ibarra Chocolate, making genuine chocolate for 95 years

Who founded Chocolate Ibarra?


It all begins with the vision of Don Camilo Gómez Ibarra, born in 1879 to an agricultural family, a noble activity to which Camilo dedicated the first stage of his life. His dedication forged him as a merchant and businessman. In 1899, he married Doña María Ruiz, starting the family that became the founder of one of the most representative companies in Mexico.

Doña María began, in 1925, to make homemade table chocolate to give to her family and her friends, having a resounding success among them. Realizing the quality and flavor of the product and the pleasant acceptance of others, Don Camilo and Doña María decide to take a step towards marketing their chocolate. Here was the moment when our sweet story was born.

Always maintaining the concept of 100% natural and Mexican homemade chocolate, Don Camilo decided in 1930 to industrialize the business. He bought machines to meet the increasing demand for table chocolate and make it reach all homes in Jalisco. Thanks to the continuous growth, his children Guillermo, Gustavo, and Ernesto got involved.

In 1948, Don Camilo negotiated the first export of his table chocolate to the United States, making it the first selling Mexican chocolate outside the country.

Don Camilo died in 1955 at the age of 76, setting the roots of table chocolate in Jalisco and Mexico. Likewise, the beginning of one of the most important companies in the western region.

Since its beginning and to this day, Chocolate Ibarra represents the true Genuine Chocolate par excellence. Proudly present on Mexican tables, providing tradition, flavor, and passion in each sip.

Foundation of Ibarra Chocolate®, a company 100% Mexican
First exportation to California, Chicago, and New York
Commercial Representatives
Initial Operations for the Division of Commercial Representatives
Choco Choco®
Children's favorite chocolate powdered is launched, Choco Choco®
Ibarra Premium®
Ibarra Premium® is launched, our semi-bitter, high-quality powdered chocolate
A new line of Functional Modifiers
A healthier Choco Choco®
Introduction of Choco Choco® reduced in sugar to the market
Food Safety System Certification 22000

We proudly received the "Food Safety System Certification 22000" Certification

New Categories
Launch of our new line of products: Choco Choco RTD® y Cocoa Ibarra®
Co-Branding with Frozen® License and Choco Choco®

About Us

Chocolate Ibarra is proudly a 100% Mexican company, founded in 1925 to offer high-quality products to all families. Thanks to our care, commitment, and dedication, since 1946 we have been exporting our products, always backed by the quality and tradition that characterizes us.

We have commercial infrastructure throughout the national territory, as well as exclusive distributors in America and Europe, bringing competitive products of excellent quality and flavor to each family. Our production plant is the heart of the group, since it is here where the magic of combining the exact high-quality ingredients to achieve incomparable products for you and your family takes place.

Our Values

At Chocolate Ibarra we work every day with a passion for our country and for the wonderful ingredients that its land gives us; so full of flavor, tradition, and quality.

Since our foundation, our mission has been and will always be to bring the highest quality products to your table so that you can enjoy the true experience of genuine Mexican chocolate.

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We work with commitment and trust

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We value each one of our customers

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We truly care for our staff and customers

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We work with passion and simplicity

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We talk and act with honesty and transparency

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We comply with all regulations