Ibarra Products

At Ibarra, we care about bringing you the highest quality products to your table. All of our products are made with 100% natural ingredients that reflect all the flavor and culture of our country.

Our product ranges from table chocolate tablets, powdered chocolate to make delicious shakes for kids, semi-bitter premium chocolate, and more!

All Ibarra products are elaborated with the same care and love since 1925.

Ibarra Chocolate Finely Ground -doypack-11.5OZ

Finely Ground

Same delicious flavor as our chocolate tablets but easier to dissolve

Ibarra hot chocolate tablets

Chocolate Ibarra

Table Chocolate from Mexico made with a traditional recipe. 100% real chocolate

choco choco powdered chocolate

Choco Choco

Delicious powdered chocolate to prepare a rich chocolate flavored drink

Ibarra premium

Ibarra Premium

High-quality, genuine chocolate that fuses the perfect aroma and unbeatable texture

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